Where are they now?

Beth McNulty is on a placement year at Unilever

She said: “I am currently on a industrial placement year (in between my second and third year of university), working at the global headquarters of Unilever. Unilever owns some of the world’s biggest brands such as Dove, Lynx and Ben and Jerry’s so it has been a really exciting opportunity, working with senior leaders to shape the brands. I have been able to go to some amazing events and network with very influential people. I’m looking forward to returning to uni in September though.”






Emma Moggridge is in her second year of studying architecture in Plymouth

She said: “For my latest design project we developed a master plan as a year group. We were all given different sections to design based on our overall idea of a sculpture park. My design area was a ceramics workshop with apartments above it. We are currently in Edinburgh exploring different buildings to inspire our work on the development of Plymouth train station.”






Myfanwy Mainwaring-Smith has been studying at Cardiff University

She said: “Since leaving HMSG I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Cardiff University. I also had a wonderful experience volunteering in Japan last summer, where I accidentally bumped into and shook hands with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe! I am now in my final year and waiting for the results of my application to teach English in Japan, where I am currently hoping to work in diplomacy afterwards.”






Josie Crossley is in her final year at the University of Exeter

She said: “I’m just about to finish my fourth and final year studying French and German at the University of Exeter, after spending last year teaching in a French secondary school. It was a challenge adjusting to not only a new culture and language, but also a different way of life (that said, I would do it all again if I had the chance). Next year I’ll start teaching in an under-privileged primary school in the West Midlands with a view to moving to an international school in the future. Since I left school, I’ve also travelled around Europe, to New York, Peru and even Fiji. The world really is your oyster, so get out there and make the most of it!”





Jess Gray graduated with a first in English literature

She said: “Since leaving HMSG, I attended Exeter University where – as well as having the best and most fulfilling three years of my life – I graduated with a first in English literature in the summer of 2016. I’m currently writing from the Alps, where I’m managing a chalet in Les Arcs for the winter season. In between the skiing, I’m in charge of bossing about a team of four teenage boys. The belief in ‘girl power’ that was instilled in me at HMSG continues to stand me in good stead. Later on this year, I intend to further my studies and my passion for English by beginning a Masters degree.”






Millie Baldwin is studying in Brighton

She said: “In my first year after leaving HMSG, I worked full time for six months and spent the rest of the year travelling around Central America and Indonesia, starting in Panama and working my up through to Belize, the Bahamas, Miami and eventually hopped on to Bali and Lombok. I’m now studying fine art critical practice at Brighton.”