House structure

HMSG’s vertical house system enables relationships to be formed across all year groups. 

A key part of co-curricular life, each of our pupils belongs to one of four houses, named after prominent former Governors: Mather Jackson, Imbert Terry, Prosser or Bagnall Oakeley. The houses represent HMSG’s vertical community, in which 7-year-olds mix and work with 18-year-olds on non-academic projects, helping girls to develop a unique sense of belonging.

Alongside charity work and sports, each house competes for the highly coveted House Cup every year. Merits are given to individual girls throughout the year to reward good deeds, hard work and achievements, in and out of school. The house with the most merits at the end of the school year becomes the proud winner of the House Cup. We feel this teaches girls about team work, healthy competition and making a valuable contribution to society. Taking part in house activities is not about academic monitoring, and helps pupils blossom in other areas of life. The house system can often be pupils’ first real experience of the values of loyalty and responsibility – and those house loyalties come to the fore in a fun environment which encourages girls to join in and build on the particular talents they each have.

When girls join HMSG they are assigned to a house, which they stay with throughout their time at the School. House allocation is usually random, however any past family connections will be maintained so sisters, mothers and daughters will all be in the same house.

Weekly house assemblies and activities also foster and support the pastoral aspect of belonging to a house.