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Outstanding iGCSE & GCSE Results

Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls was delighted with this year’s excellent results as the Schools celebrated their first cohort of iGCSE Science results alongside their usual GCSE results.

HMSG switched to iGCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, a more rigorous examination equivalent to an old O Level, to ensure that all their students were stretched and better able to face the challenges of A Levels and university. Alongside many other of the top schools in the UK, as iGCSE results are not counted in national league tables, the Schools will only appear in A Level league tables this year.

Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls achieved a 96.82% pass rate (A* to C grade). The A*/A grades at HMSG were 67.2%, with 27 girls (32% of the cohort) achieving A*/A in every subject.  

Rachel and Jovian achieved 11 A*s and Amelia, Hannah, Marianne and Alice all gained 10 A*s.

Amongst the pupils collecting their results today was Rachel at HMSG who achieved all A*/As whilst competing as part of the junior GB Sailing development squad.

Mrs Helen Davy, Headmistress of HMSG said, “These outstanding results are a reflection of the girls’ talents and commitment under the guidance of their dedicated teachers. We are delighted at how well the girls rose to the challenge of iGCSE Science and are considering extending our use of iGCSE in other subjects for the future. Some girls have combined their studies with national recognition in sport and music already.  I feel confident that HMSG girls will continue to develop into well-rounded, confident individuals who will make their mark in life in the Sixth Form and beyond.”