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Mathematics Curriculum Overview - KS4

GCSE MATHEMATICS (Year 10 from September 2010)

WJEC  Mathematics                                                                     Qualification Accreditation Number 500/8506/2

Course content

The five areas of mathematics studied are:

Number – e.g. Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, directed numbers, surds

Algebra – e.g. Expanding and factorising, forming and solving equations, indices, graphs

Shape and space – e.g. Areas and volumes, Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry, transformations, geometry

Handling data – e.g. Probability, statistical diagrams and calculations, sampling and questionnaires

Using and applying mathematics – problems involving any of the above

These lists provide only a sample of what is included. The complete specification can be obtained from the WJEC website. (www.wjec.co.uk Select the options Mathematics/GCSE/Linear)


Assessment is by means of two written papers taken at the end of Year 11. Both papers are two hours long. The first is a non-calculator paper; the second requires a calculator.

Both year groups (10 and 11) are divided into five sets. They are all prepared for the higher tier papers, but it may be possible, after consultation with parents, for some girls to sit the foundation tier papers (maximum possible grade C).