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Mathematics - Clubs/Societies

Junior Maths Club takes place one lunchtime a week in room 201. It is open to girls in years 7, 8 and 9.

Activities include: taking The Smartie Challenge, a maths quiz along the lines of Who wants to be a millionaire?, where the contestant wins a number of Smarties which doubles with each correct answer; treasure hunts; team puzzles; mathematical who dunnits; code breaking; making models of polyhedra, playing mathematical board games and much more! One of our favourite websites for puzzles is www.nrich.maths.org.uk.


A senior maths club, open to girls in year 10 and above, takes place one lunchtime per week in room 201.  We discuss problems from the UKMT follow-on rounds and the Cardiff Senior Mathematics Club.

Girls enter the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenge Competitions run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.  Teams are entered for the UKMT team maths challenges.  In November 2011 our senior team was placed 3rd in the regional final in Cardiff.






Girls in Years 12 and 13 attend meetings of The Senior Mathematics Club which meets about 8 times a year at Cardiff University.

The Mathematics department run maths surgeries every lunchtime for girls who are having difficulty with any aspect of mathematics or who have missed work in mathematics owing to absence.

At the end of year 7 there is a joint geography and maths trip to Cardiff Bay, organised by the geography department.  Here are some photographs of the current year 8s enjoying their mathematical discoveries at Techniquest.