Senior Prefects 2016/17

New senior prefects encourage girls to be confident and aim high

An aspiring lawyer is planning to use her time as Head Girl to inspire fellow pupils to discover the confidence to be themselves.

Amber, this year’s leading senior prefect at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls, believes everyone should be proud of who they are.

The 17-year-old, who has been at the school since Year 2 in Agincourt, said: “I believe that as Head Girl it is vital to be an approachable figure to the younger girls in school.

“A good Head Girl must be a role model who can instil in the girls the confidence to be themselves and show them that, whatever their passion is, the important thing is that they throw themselves into it and are proud of who they are.”

prefects3Taking part in dance at school has been a life-changing experience for Amber.

One of her HMSG highlights was being made part of a performance dance group after not making the cut the first time around.

She added: “I started dance when I joined HMSG. Over the years I’ve done ballet, tap and modern and it really has boosted my confidence hugely.

“Being in shows on stage pushed me out of my comfort zone to become much more self-assured and able to put myself forward and grasp opportunities that, before, I would have been much too scared to go for.”

As Head Girl, Amber will have the responsibility of attending various events throughout the year, delivering an array of speeches and organising social occasions.

Studying history, English literature and economics at A level, the ambitious teen is looking forward to a career in law.

She continued: “I would love to show the girls that there are endless opportunities here and they should never be afraid to try anything.

“I want them to know that even if you’re not the most confident student, that shouldn’t stop you from achieving anything you want to.

“I also want to be someone the girls feel they can come and talk to about any problems they’re facing.

“It’s really important to me to be accessible to all the girls and support them through their year.”

Katie, Poppy, Issie and Zoe step into Deputy Head Girl roles.

Katie, 18, joined HMSG in Year 7 and is studying history, Latin and maths at A level and music at AS level.

The flautist, who achieved 11 A*s in her GCSEs and is applying to read history at Oxford, takes jazz dance lessons to relax away from school work.

She said: “As a Deputy, I feel that listening skills are very important, as well as the ability to prioritise and time-manage effectively.

“I would really like to show the girls they do not need to be afraid to voice their opinions or ask for help – that it may take a while for them to develop their confidence, but during this process they should not be worried about feeling shy, as it does not mean they cannot contribute their ideas to the pupil body. As a very shy girl myself for most of my school life, I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by louder voices, but I would like the girls to realise that this is of little consequence, and every opinion is of value.”

Zoe, who hopes to become a surgeon in the future, has danced in many school shows in the last decade and also takes Grade 8 ballet lessons.

She said: “I believe a Deputy Head Girl must be a well-rounded individual, she must be able to respond to pretty much anything the school throws at her, whether it be a tour to arrange or an assembly to write.

“Not only must a Deputy be caring and compassionate, but she must also have the ability to put the authority she is given to good use. To any girls unsure about whether to apply for Head Girl, I would say ‘go for it’. Every girl at HMSG has the ability to gain the qualities required to become a senior prefect!”

Zoe’s primary role is to plan tours for visitors to HMSG.

She added: “Our senior prefect team would like to ensure every girl takes every opportunity thrown their way during their time at school.

“As our final year has begun, I can certainly say it is important to grab the unique opportunities this school can offer you as they could truly shape your future.

“During the 12 years I have spent at Angincourt, Inglefield House and HMSG, I have created thousands of memories and many friends. My fondest memory would be giving a speech as Head Girl of Inglefield House during Speech Day. The overwhelming sense of pride I had on that day fuelled my ambition to be part of the senior prefect team this academic year.”

Poppy, who has been at the schools for 14 years, is studying geography, philosophy and ethics, and economics at A level.

She was awarded a Sports Scholarship for Sixth Form and has recently started focussing on lacrosse, riding and netball.

She said: “From my very first year at HMSG I have had a passion for all sporting activities and took part in all of them competitively. I am delighted to be the senior 1st team lacrosse captain this year and look forward to an exciting season. “Taking part in school sports has emphasised the importance of team work, commitment and communication.”

Poppy believes that integrity, good communication skills and leading by example are all vital to being a successful Deputy Head Girl.

“Moreover a Deputy should be an approachable person with a good sense of humour,” She added.

“I have the responsibility to work closely with the Women’s Festival Committee organising the week-long Monmouth Women’s festival. I attend monthly meetings with the Committee to discuss the forthcoming events and act as the link between them and HMSG.  I am also responsible for organising the team of Prefects with their rota of duties.”

Poppy’s HMSG highlight is going to India on the joint schools’ expedition in the summer holidays.

She said: “In the month we spent in India we worked in Upper Valley School, Burua. This was extremely rewarding as we had the opportunity to interact with the local children and complete our challenge of re-plastering and painting their school, before the infrastructure was improved using the money that we had raised before we left. We then went on to trek the foothills of the Himalayas, reaching a height of 5,500m. It was a fantastic opportunity, and I am considering returning to India in my gap year.”

Issie, 17, will be responsible for putting on events for boarders throughout the year.

She said: “I’m aiming to improve integration across the houses and make boarding as fun, exciting and friendly as possible.”

The athletic pupil plays netball for the 1st team, football, and softball for HMSG, Wales and GB.

“I have made so many amazing friends through sport and I have learnt communication, leadership, teamwork and commitment,” She added.